Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How are Piloti Shoes different from other shoes?

A: All Piloti shoes have the exclusive patented Roll Control heel technology which enables heel and toe manoeuvring, protects the foot while driving and mimics the natural shape of the heel while walking.

Piloti offers three footwear lines.

Performance shoes which are fireproof, FIA certified, have an engineered sole to protect your feet from heat and vibration, are very lightweight and have a reinforced lateral rightside for durability.

Casual shoes are a crossover between a racing and an everyday shoe; providing Piloti technology, all day comfort and casual styling.

Luxury shoes, made in Italy of premium leathers and suede, combine Piloti’s patented design with style and craftsmanship.

Q: How does the sizing compare to regular shoes?

A: Shoes in the ‘Performance’ and ‘Casual’ ranges should be ordered ½ a size larger than normal. Shoes in the ‘Luxury’ range should be ordered usual size.

Q: How do I protect my Piloti Shoes?

A:To protect your shoes from dirt and moisture treat them with a good quality shoe protector.
For suede we suggest using a suede brush and block to keep them looking good.
For leather a regular application of leather conditioner/polish will do the trick.

Q: Who wears Piloti Shoes?

A:Piloti shoes are not just for racing drivers and car enthusiasts.Their high-performance, style and comfort ensure they make an impression on and off the track.

Q: Do you have women’s shoes?

A:At the moment we only carry men’s shoes but as our shoes are popular with drivers of both genders all you have to do to find the size to fit you is to go down 1.5 sizes-so a woman 8 would be a man’s 6.5 .

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